Born and raised in Orange, California, I received the shock of my life when my dad relocated us to a small farm town just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan the summer I turned 15. With the exception a four (4) brief years in New Mexico in the 90’s, Michigan has remained my home since. It truly is a beautiful place to live.  With four true seasons, clean air, endless forests, rivers and open spaces, it is like the ads say, “pure Michigan.”

Professionally my life has been diverse also. Half of my career I worked in marketing, sales, advertising, and non-profit development. The second half has been in law enforcement. Both sides of my career have been good to me. I learned a lot of great professional skills on the business side, and the law enforcement side is where you really hone skills that involve working with people, listening, and learning to appreciate what you have. It also provided the flexibility of a schedule that allowed me to be a large part of my children’s lives while they were growing up. Now, with the last of my children in college, I think it’s time to return to business; to have a schedule that allows me to spend time again with my wife, the original love of my life.

But enough about me! I hope you enjoy this blog. Thank you to my wife who inspired me to do this. This is what the name implies, my Senseless Ramblings; my thoughts and opinions. Some are thought out and have purpose while others are just “stream-of-consciousness” stuff that flows through my overly-active imagination. Please comment if you like a post. Look for updates related to hockey, too. I love hockey, a sport introduced to me when I moved to Michigan as a teen. In fact, I invite you to jump over to The Pink Puck (www.thepinkpuck.com), a small online hockey publication that I also write for.

Cheers to you and yours. Have a great day, week, year, and life. Live every day as a single snapshot, then put it all together as your movie.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Senseless Rambler, you, my friend are a FANTASTIC human being. I just wanted to let you know that every comment I read, whether it is on my friends posts or mine really do touch my heart. Your “stream-of-consciousness, stuff that flows through your overly-active imagination” is just…something else. I can’t thank you enough for your blog posts and your kind kind words. I wish you all the best in the years to come as you deserve the best life can provide.

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    • Thank you for the kind words. I already said it, but it bears repeating…you and your friend are very brave and strong. Much more than you think sometimes, and by putting into words your own anxieties and fears you let others who suffer and feel alone know that they aren’t. That is so important because feeling alone and like no one understands what you’re going through is by far the worst part of this illness. Keep up the great work.


  2. Hey!
    I hope your new job isn’t too stressful and that you can find some time to blog (hint hint) and write for the hockey magazine!
    I miss our “chats” and really hope everything is ok and well on your end!

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    • Hi Rachel,
      Great to hear from you. My job is great, just busy, but I really love it. I have recommitted to the hockey mag for 2016-17 and hope to start blogging again soon. I, too, miss our “chats,” and that IS in our control. I just read your most recent blogs and as usual am in awe. In the next few days I will send you an email offline of here and we can chat some more. Take care.


      • I am so so glad that you job is working out and that you’re writing for your Hockey mag 🙂 you need to keep working with your talents! Thank you 🙂 I think I need to do a few more, but as you say work is busy – I need to work on my time management haha.
        Sounds good! You too.


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